My photography teacher in High School told me "...your photos are special, they stand out, they speak words to the viewer - I like what I see, don't you ever put the camera down!" From that moment on, and just 16 years old, with my Fujifilm camera in hand - I felt that I could see the world through a lens better than I could without a lens. It is something only another passionate photographer can fully understand. My preferred method was shooting in black and white film - mainly people rather than objects because people have emotions and I wanted to connect to those emotions as honestly as I could. 
I continued photography mainly as a passionate hobby for many years afterward, never really putting down my camera for too long - my instincts naturally drew me back to it! While working on my Graduate Degree in the United States, I was amazed by how often my camera would distract me from my studies. It really struck me at some point during my education that I should really "do what I love and let whatever else follow". I am happy to say that It's been my personal motto since, and here I am today - ready to be your photographer! Let's create art together!
A few more words to my Filipino friends….for several years now, the city of Makati has been my home away from home. It first started out as getting to know several Filipino clients that hired me during their visits to Kyoto, Japan when I work as a photographer there. After a while, I realized that I knew more Filipinos than I thought - so I decided to set up localized service for them. It is a sincere pleasure to serve my Filipino friends on their home turf! I am truly honored and humbled each time I step foot in The Philippines, one of the warmest and friendliest place on the earth!
Services Overview
Portrait service for those who want to achieve incredible photos for personal display, social media websites or just simply wanting to capture and retain beautiful photographs - Manila Photographer utilizes the best photo equipment and photo editing techniques that will keep you and your audience captivated for years to come.

We often hear from couples how surprisingly few, if any, amazing photos they have together. In our modern age of smartphones, it is easy to take a self-portrait. Take your photos to the next level with professional quality photos! Nothing beats a professional camera and a professional photographer with a great eye to catch the raw emotions.

Your portfolio should scream to the viewer: wow! Your photographer has to be experienced, patient and willing to guide you throughout the photo shoot in the direction that compliments you and ultimately your portfolio best. Your personality has to come out through the photos in the most striking way - no exceptions.

Engagement & Wedding
You have spent months preparing for just a few short hours on your big day! We can bring to life memories that will last a lifetime for you and your new family! We believe that a wedding photographer should be unobtrusive, creative and motivated to capture the raw emotions that fill a wedding event. We will capture your guests, family, and of course you and your new spouse in remarkable ways that will leave you speechless.

Semi-Nude/ Nude/Boudoir
Two main reasons people tell us as to why they want to have nude photos taken of them: 1) They want to preserve their youth and beauty and 2) They want to exhibit themselves boldly as a way of personal expression / appreciation for the beauty of the human body. Manila Photographer is experienced, engaging and enthusiastic about bringing out the best and most beautiful you through the power of light, imagination, and creative ability through the camera!

Conferences/Exhibitions/Award Ceremonies/Trade Shows/Expos
Manila Photographer is experienced in photographing large organizational conferences, automobile shows, art exhibits, trade shows, etc. Our crew of the photographer, his assistant and the latest cameras, lenses and other equipment will bring out the best images possible. Typically, such large gatherings bring together people from across the globe - Manila Photographer is multilingual and experienced with such large events.

Company events, employee photos, corporate sponsorship events, advertising and publication photos are all top reasons companies choose Manila Photographer. We have photographed beauty salons, restaurants, online shops and corporate head offices in seeking the professional and high-quality photos that have helped elevate their brands.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
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