Q: Can I book a shorter photo shoot than Package 1? 
A: You can book for a shorter time, but a minimum of 30 minutes is required. However, booking for a shorter amount of time will not reduce the cost lower than Package 1.

Q: Can I extend the time of my photo shoot “on the spot” the day of the photo shoot?
A:  It is possible to do so if my schedule permits it, however I cannot guarantee that option will be available. It is always best to pre-plan your photo shoot properly ahead of time.
Q: I am on a budget, is it possible to get a discount and somehow trim the cost of the photo shoot?
A: Rates are never negotiable with no discounts or promotions offered.
Q: If I arrive late to the photo shoot can you extend the time?
A: I always arrive early to all my bookings, this not only reduces stress but also gives me time to get in the mood as a photographer to bring out the best of my creative ability that you are expecting of me. I suggest you plan your day to arrive early as well. This works wonders in creating an stress-free and pleasurable experience for you. If for some reason you are late, please understand that I will not be able to extend the time. The pre-agreed time frame at the time of your booking is what I will use as our starting and end time.
Q: What if it rains or the weather is “bad”?
A: People commonly associate gloomy and rainy weather as “not ideal” for photography. This could not be further from the truth! Rain provides a beautiful atmosphere and creative shots in the rain can be quite gorgeous. For example, think of rain as an opportunity to get shots that set the mood for a romantic backdrop. Heavy overcast / gloomy weather actually provides wonderful assistance to the photographer to have the clouds act as a natural diffuser of light. Sunlight does cast strong shadows and has its own advantages and disadvantages. Essentially, it comes down to no one single weather condition is better or more preferred than the other. Nor is weather controllable so please understand because of that lack of control, I cannot process refunds, cancellation requests, or rescheduling requests that are weather related.
Q: Is there any particular color or pattern that I should avoid on my photo shoot day?
A: My advice is to avoid any black and white closely patterned designs as it can cause issues for the photos and make post-editing difficult (this is referred to as “Moire effect”). It is always best to get the cleanest shot possible and not rely on post-editing too much, so please do avoid these types of patterns. Otherwise, you are free to wear what you wish but keep in mind the location you selected for your photo shoot, weather, and the “look” you want to portray for the particular occasion (if any).
Q: I am really shy in front of the camera and I feel awkward posing, is there anything I can do to reassure myself?
A: Many people compare themselves to professional models in terms of their perceived ability to pose, this is neither realistic nor necessary. The simplest advice I can give is just to be yourself and relax! Capturing the right moments is the photographer’s job, not yours! It is important to look your best because you will naturally feel your best when you do. Be well rested, well hydrated, and in a positive mood when you arrive to your photo shoot. Everything else will naturally flow. Poses take only seconds to be taught on the day of the photo shoot, but the importance of a positive and great attitude cannot be understated. If you feel great, you will look great!
Q: Can I book a package as a gift for someone else?
A: Sure! Just contact us to arrange full pre-payment so no receipt will be given on the day of the photo shoot to the gift recipient that will arrive for have their photos taken.

Q: I am a travel agent and I would like to book your package for a VIP client, is that okay?
A: Sure! Just contact us to arrange full pre-payment. The photos can also be sent directly to you if you wish (the travel agent) since you are providing payment. However, the photographic consent form to have photos taken must be signed by the client on the day of the photo shoot. Therefore, the name (identity) of the client cannot be avoided for disclosure. It is not possible to have photos taken of anyone, regardless of who they are without their direct consent and signature stating so.
FAQ 10
Q: I would like to book you in another location within The Philippines which is far from Manila, is that possible?
A: Yes, most locations within the The Philippines is accepted, but please keep in mind that full pre-payment of travel related expenses and time compensation for that travel will need to be collected at the time of booking.
FAQ 11
Q: I plan on getting married in a foreign location, can I book you for a wedding package in a foreign country?
A: Yes, but it depends on which country you are requesting. I will reject certain countries due to my personal preference not to travel there or particular laws within that country that prohibit foreign photographers from working in that capacity. Please contact me directly using the booking form or email me for more information to discuss your specific plans.
FAQ 12
Q: Do you use film or digital?
A: All photos are taken using very high-quality digital cameras.
FAQ 13
Q: What type of camera do you use and can I chose the particular camera/lens from what you have available?
A: I shoot with either Canon or Fujifilm, but there is high chance I will use a Fujifilm camera as it is my preference. I use full frame Canon cameras when the particular photo shoot is most appropriately shot in full frame, such as in very small rooms where wide angle lenses should be used and therefore full frame format would be necessary. I will be unable to accept any particular instructions from any client as to which camera or lens I will be using, the decision rests with the photographer only.
FAQ 14
Q: Do I have the “rights” to the images?
A: You will essentially receive personal reproduction rights for all your images. This means that you have the right to display or distribute the images for personal use only. You can print the images, post them on social media, share them with friends and family and showcase them in your home. However, commercial use is absolutely not allowed - nor are you allowed to sell the images for any amount of money (no matter how small) at any time, for any reason, and on any particular platform. The copyright of the images is exclusively held with the photographer and is not shared with the client. The only exception to this is if the client arranges to have the photo shoot shot with exclusive rights of all images captured, typically companies arrange to do this when planning to use the images for commercial marketing in print or digital media (advertising), commercial distribution or for resale of the images. If you are representing a company and wish to book my services with exclusive rights, please contact me to discuss further and to obtain pricing details.
FAQ 15
Q: I would like another person present during my photo shoot, is that okay?
A: Of course! It is your photo shoot and if you feel more comfortable having a friend for family member present that is completely fine!
FAQ 16
Q: I would like an intimate photo shoot with my partner, is that okay?
A: It depends. If by intimate you mean both nude or in suggestive poses then that will be totally okay. But I do not photograph explicit acts. I will not allow my photographs to represent a final image of anything distasteful. Please contact me for further details if this did not answer your question.
FAQ 17
Q: My partner and I are gay, are you okay with photographing us?
A: I have absolutely zero objections with photographing LGBTQIA+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex and Asexual) clients. Everyone is welcomed.
FAQ 18
Q: Do you shoot video?
A: I am strictly a photographer and not a videographer.
FAQ 19
Q: Do you provide transportation to and from the photo shoot or during the photo shoot?
A: I do not provide any transportation at all. Should we transfer locations during the photo shoot you are responsible for the transportation or taxi costs for myself and the people in your party.
FAQ 20
Q: I am traveling and only have currency from another country, can I pay you in anything other than Philippine Peso?
A: I only accept Philippine Peso for cash, there are no exceptions. Of course you can pay with any Visa/MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diners Club issued from your home country but when it comes to cash, again I can only accept and provide change in Philippine Peso. I also accept Apple Pay and Google Pay (GPay) that can be connected to any form of payment that platform allows. As of Summer 2021, I also started accepting Ethereum (ETH) and Solana (SOL).
FAQ 21
Q: How will I get my photos after the photo editing is complete?
A: Photos are sent in very high-quality resolution (usually 6000 x 4000 (24.0 MP) or higher) via a secure Adobe Lightroom link. You can then download the photos and save them to your computer or cloud service. Please make sure to secure your photos immediately as they may no longer be available 60 days after receiving your link.
FAQ 22
Q: Is there any type of photography you will not accept bookings for?
A: Yes there is! If you would like to request a photo session for baby, children, young adults (under the age of 18), family, maternity, pets, etc. (see below), I will politely decline your booking. This is simply my personal preference and I will not make any exceptions. In an effort to save everyone’s time, here is a quick guide that will breakdown what I will and will not accept bookings for:

The “No”:
Baby: No
Children: No
Anyone under 18 years old: No
Maternity: No
Pets: No
Photography that involves being in an area with any type of smoke/smoking: No
Photographing people impaired by alcohol: No
Sexually explicit: No

The “Yes":
Sexually suggestive: Yes
Couples: Yes
Engagements & Weddings: Yes
Portraits: Yes
Models: Yes
Semi-Nude, Nude, Boudoir: Yes
Artistic: Yes
Business: Yes
Family (everyone is over 18 years old): Yes
Conferences, automobile shows, art exhibits, trade shows, etc: Yes
FAQ 23
Q: I would like to order the made in Japan hardcover photo book, but how fast can I get it and what is the cost?
A: Once your photos are edited, which can take a few days to a week depending on my workload, they will be sent over to a partner photographic print company located in Kyoto, Japan. The company we partner with has been in the photo print business for nearly 100 years and produce some impressive quality work! They typically need about 7-10 days to complete the photo book, and once they get it back to me I will have it sent out via Japan Post EMS shipping to your home address, once dispatched allow 3-5 days for delivery within Metro-Manila, allow an extra 1-2 days for delivery to Cebu. All together from the day of your photo session with me until you receive the photo book it will take approximately 3-4 weeks. The cost will depend on the number of photos that will be in the book and the sizing of the photos within the page (layout). Please inquire for more details.

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